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Alternatives To The Tux

Although the traditional Tux can be a great option for the classic couple, I love alternative looks for a groom who is looking for something more his style and less formal. Below are some of my favorites from over the years, and here’s why…

1. Light grey and khaki suits are great options for spring or summer. Add a fun accessory to work in some personality – suspenders, colorful ties, or socks are my favorites. These can all double as groomsmen gifts as well. Pick something slightly different for the groom to wear to make him stand out – either add a vest, or a different color tie, etc.


2. If you want the groomsmen to be able to wear their own suits, or buy from wherever they want, give them a color reference to limit the shade variance. There are a million shades of khaki, and more than 50 shades of grey 😉 Give them a swatch reference so they can try to match as close as possible. A little variance is ok, but you want to limit it.


3. Keep the weather in mind – if you’re getting married outside in the dead of summer, avoid a heavy fabric that will make your guys melt in the sun! Want to be bold? Try a patterned shirt, like a bright check, toned down with a navy blazer and tie. Thomas Pink has a lot of fun options and they can help you accessorize so your look is still wedding appropriate.


4. Remember how I said I love color? Klein Epstein & Parker is an awesome shop that makes custom tuxes and suits in every color under the rainbow. From a fun lining or piping, or an all out colored tux, they can find the perfect way to make your guys look great.


What are your favorite looks for the Groom?

xo, Glow Event Design

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  1. Lauren

    I have seen a lot of khaki suits at weddings lately, and I think they look great. Incorporating the groom’s style is important. Thanks for sharing!

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