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A good wedding is always a good party in my book. And usually what helps to make a good party is (let’s face it) alcohol! Many times cocktail hour gets overlooked, but we want to share our 4 favorite ways to set the tone for your party from the minute you say “I do”.

1  Creative Bar Menus

Bar menus are fun ways to dress up the bar and continue the theme of your wedding. Menus are essential if you plan on providing specialty cocktails – it can help guests know the ingredients of your personalized drink.


Napa Valley Photographer

Napa Valley Photographer

2  Accessories

One of our favorite tips to add more personality to the bar is to use fun glassware or accouterments like a fruit garnish, straw or cute tags.  Dressing up your drinks makes them seem more novel. They’ll be just as fun to look at as to drink!

Cocktails03 Cocktails06

3  Personalized Cocktails

Instead of a full bar, some modern couples have been opting to provide a limited drink menu; choosing instead to focus on specialty cocktails to feature personal favorites. For example, if gin is your drink of choice, highlight a gin drink on your cocktail list! Bourbon and gin are really popular right now, and there are a lot of new and fresh drink recipes utilizing these spirits.

Cocktails04 Cocktails05

4  Detailed Back Bar

Undoubtedly, there will be a crowd that hangs by the bar all night, so this should be an area you think about dressing up. One way to do this is to rent an upgraded bar front instead of just a table with a linen. Back Bars (such as chalkboard or ladder bars) are another way to make a nice focal point while waiting for drinks. (Makes a great photo pop too).


Be sure to keep in my your guest list when choosing your custom drinks. If you have a high guest count, you should work with the catering company to select a drink that can be pre-made in large batches. That way people don’t have to wait as long in line while the bartenders make the drinks, and they can get back to mingling, instagramming, or catching up with old college friends.


XO, The Glow Event Design Team

Photography: Jennifer Lamba PhotographyAdeline and Grace Weddings, Verite Photography

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