Say Merci with Favors from France!

On a recent trip to France I came across a cute boutique that specializes in wedding favors. (You can imagine my excitement!) I loved their cute boxes and packaging options – many of which I’ve never seen in the USA. Jordan Almonds have been a traditional favorite, but this store managed to give brides unique options on how to present them. Take a look and get inspired!

I love the “Springtime feel” these favors have! Also note the different colors of almonds in the background – the grey almonds are speckled so they look like stones.

-Bottom Left: For a more rustic feel, almonds are placed inside a wrapped wire basket, and tied   with an open-weave burlap fabric.

-Bottom Right: Almonds in a plastic bubble. You could hang these from ribbon off of a tall table centerpiece! (see picture below for hanging example)

I LOVE the faux crocodile pattern!

These boxes have paper roses on the top and when placed all together, they look like a flower arrangement. Tres Chic!

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