School House Rocks

September is here, and that means back-to-school time! Hosting a casual party at your house is a great way for your kids to make friends with their classmates, and will also allow you to meet their parents and make a few friends of your own. It doesn’t have to be a fancy affair – keep things simple and focus on making it fun. Here are a few suggestions for easy finger foods and decor ideas your kids can help you make.

Top Left: PB&J triangles – One Charming Party

Top Middle: Mason-jar pencil holder for art activities – Pinterest

Top Right: Apple cupcakes – Martha Stewart

Bottom Left: Legal-pad origami place setting, snack menu and name tag – Tip Junkie

Bottom Center: Alphabet cookies (or substitute animal crackers if you can’t find them pre-made) – One Charming Party

Bottom Right: Hang paper airplanes from the ceiling with thumb tacks – Pinterest


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